Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Rehabilitation


✅ The New Hamburg Wellness Centre offers emergency access to care for individuals who have sustained injuries in a motor vehicle accident (MVA).

✅ You do not have to see a medical doctor to start receiving treatment for a motor vehicle accident injury at our centre.

✅ Our centre is capable of immediately initiating your claim and starting rehabilitation and treatment for your injuries.

✅ You have the right to choose where you would like to have your treatments done.

✅ The New Hamburg Wellness Centre is a licensed service provider with the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) and is able to provide treatment and bill your auto insurer directly for your treatments.

Our centre has the ability to utilize a combination of the following treatment modalities to help you recover quickly and completely:
o Rehabilitative Exercise & Physical Therapy
o Registered Massage Therapy
o Laser Therapy
o Medical Acupuncture
o Chiropractic Care
o Active Release Therapy
o Graston Soft Tissue Therapy
o Electrotherapy

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