Thursday, February 23, 2023

5 Ways To Avoid Backache While With Your Newborn


You were up all night. Your baby is crying. 👶 The telephone is ringing. For most parents, this is a daily scenario!

Parents are also continually faced with strenuous physical demands, such as lifting, feeding, comforting and chasing after children. 🧒

As a parent, you may be lifting a seven to ten-pound baby 50 times a day. By 12 months, your baby weighs approximately 17 pounds, and at two years, that child has become a 25 to 30-pound toddler. Repeatedly lifting your child may put you at risk for back problems. 💪

What’s a parent to do❓


1️⃣  Lighten your load 🎒

Choose a diaper bag that distributes weight evenly across your body to limit the stress on your muscles, such as a cross-body diaper bag or a diaper bag that can be worn as a backpack.

2️⃣  Stretch your body

When your baby is old enough for tummy time, join them on the floor and do some exercises to stretch your neck and back.

3️⃣  Feed comfortably

When nursing, avoid hunching and keep your baby close to you. Instead, choose a comfortable, upright chair with a pillow. 🤱

4️⃣  Keep your baby close 

Don’t stretch your arms out. Bring your baby close to your chest before lifting. Consider wearing your baby on your front to alleviate the strain on your back.

5️⃣  Keep tub trouble at bay

Avoid reaching or twisting when bending over a tub. Be on the same level as your baby. When kneeling, use a non-slip mat to protect your knees. 🛁

Consult with one of our experienced chiropractors so that you can stay on your toes and a step ahead of your toddler. 👍

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