Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Meet Dr. R. Greg Lusk

Next up on our Chiropractic Team is Dr. Greg!

▶ NAME - Robert Gregory Lusk

▶ ROLE AT CLINIC - Chiropractor

▶ CLINICAL SPECIALITY - General Practice

▶ WHY DID YOU BECOME A CHIROPRACTOR - I have always been interested in biology/anatomy and participated in a variety of athletic activities growing up. As a result, I gained an appreciation for how the body moves and performs various activities, as well as experiencing muscle and joint related pain/injuries. I know how important moving and feeling well is to my quality of life so I enjoy supporting my patients with similar goals.

▶ FAVOURITE THING ABOUT BEING A CHIROPRACTOR - I really enjoy educating patients about things that may be contributing to their pain or complaint so we can optimize self management. I also am grateful for being able to offer patients drug free options for pain/symptom relief.

▶ FAVOURITE ACTIVITY OUTSIDE OF WORK - Outside of work I enjoy being active with my wife and two children, and supporting my kids in their various activities.

1️⃣ I lived on a mining property in South Porcupine, Ontario for a number of years while growing up ⛏
2️⃣ I can still do a standing back flip that I learned while cheerleading in university
3️⃣ I enjoy doing DIY projects around my home when I have the time 🏠

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