Friday, November 18, 2022

Custom Orthotics

Interested in Custom Orthotics but not sure what that involves?

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To help determine whether or not an individual is a suitable candidate for custom orthotics, the following steps are taken at our centre.

  1. An Advanced Computer Gait and Orthotic Analysis is performed.  During this procedure, a computer scan is done of your feet on our foot-plate. The foot-plate has over 4000 sensors that can accurately detect what your feet are doing at every part of the gait (walking) cycle in terms of time spent in different parts of the cycle and pressure points. The static (standing) and dynamic (walking) scans give the doctor information about the mechanical functioning of your feet and how it may be causing undue stress on different parts of your body.
  1. History and Physical Examination is performed.  A history of occupational, recreational or sporting activity is recorded. In addition, any pain symptoms are noted and then investigated through a physical examination involving muscular assessment and ranges of motion. A postural exam will also be performed to assess your overall alignment. Critical information gathered from the Computer Gait Analysishistory and physical examination, gives the doctor a good idea as to the suitability of a candidate for orthotic therapy. 
  1. Those suitable for orthotic therapy and wishing to have custom orthotics constructed for them will then have a foam impression of their feet taken. The foam impression is the final step involving the patient, and allows the orthotic lab to have additional information about an individual's arch and heel specifications. The foam impression is shipped to the lab along with the order sheet, which has any specific modifications or additions made by the doctor for a particular individual. The computerized gait analysis is also e-filed to the lab to complete the order.

This specialized and comprehensive process allows for the construction of an orthotic that is unique to the individual. It has been our experience that this standardized and systematic approach to custom orthotic prescription yields excellent results and high consumer satisfaction.




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