Sunday, October 6, 2013

Message from Minister Deb Matthews

We are very pleased to bring you an important message from Ontario's Minister of Health and Long-term Care, Deb Matthews.

The Minister makes two announcements about the role of chiropractic in primary care. The first is about the Ontario government's Low Back Pain strategy and will include chiropractors. The second is about chiropractors specifically.
This is a watershed moment in the history of chiropractic in Ontario and a significant shift in government health care policy. The Minister's announcement officially acknowledges what we and our patients have always been sure of – that chiropractors are an essential part of the primary health care team in this province.

We should be clear, though, that this is not an endpoint in our advocacy work, but rather a new beginning. What the association will do now is take the message of chiropractic to primary care teams across the province. It will be crucial that our potential partners in FHTs and NPLCs are adequately informed of this opportunity in advance of outreach from individual members.

It is not yet the time for individual chiropractors to take any action. We are clarifying the details of the rollout and working with our partners to ensure that the integration of chiropractors will be successful.  

In Minister Matthews' own words: "It is an exciting time to be a chiropractor in Ontario." And we couldn't agree more.