Sunday, December 16, 2012

~ Special Advertising Feature of the New Hamburg Independent ~ December 12, 2012

Change is good. It leads to improvement, growth and continued success.

Since moving to their new location in the Waterloo Street Plaza in January 2012, the New Hamburg Wellness Centre has experienced all three and now offers even more comprehensive care to their patients. Their change can lead to a good change for you.

“We have many different treatment options available to address issues people come in with,” says Clinic Director,  Founder and Chiropractor, Dr. John Papa. “This may include the use of specialty soft tissue treatments, electrotherapeutic modalities, Medical Acupuncture, custom orthotics, rehabilitative exercise prescription, and traditional chiropractic techniques.”

The New Hamburg Wellness Centre specializes in the treatment of muscle and joint conditions. This includes, but is not limited to, neck pain, back pain, osteoarthritis, upper and lower extremity complaints, along with sports, work and motor vehicle injuries.

Dr. Papa indicates, “We have earned the trust of physicians and are preferred providers with Worker's Compensation and various insurance companies for motor vehicle accident-related injuries. Through a multi-disciplinary approach, patients have access to various practitioners at the centre to address their particular injury or area of concern. ”

Dr. Sean Delanghe joined Dr. Papa in September 2011, as a full-time Chiropractor and shares his philosophy of helping people become pain-free and return to activity as soon as possible. As an avid runner and duathlete, Dr. Delanghe has expertise in training, and injury prevention and resolution.

The Wellness Centre also has three Registered Massage Therapists and one Naturopath. As well, Dr. Papa performs Medical Acupuncture, prescribes custom orthotics and is a Registered Chiropractic Rehabilitation Specialist.

Since moving, patient growth has been exponential and Dr. Papa genuinely enjoys the diverse demographic and the challenges it presents. He can go from treating a 5-year-old in one room, to a 94-year-old in the next, and sciatica in an 80-year-old is quite different than in a 28-year-old.

“We have parents that come in with their children who have had good experiences themselves and are being proactive. We often work on postural issues and gentle soft tissue mobilization in kids,” Dr. Papa says. “We also have older patients who rely on our unique training and expertise for pain relief and assistance with improving their independence and functioning with activities of daily living.”

Dr. Papa and his team of experts look at each patient within the context of their complaints, what they observe, and the quantifiable outcomes they can obtain in the pursuit of healthful living. If, however, a plateau in treatment is reached, Dr. Papa will not hesitate to refer a patient back to a physician or other specialist.

“You have to know when to, and when not to,” Dr. Papa says compassionately.

Whether you are looking to prevent injury or are in pain and need relief, please visit the New Hamburg Wellness Centre at 338 Waterloo St. Unit 9, New Hamburg in the new Waterloo Street Plaza. They can also be reached at (519) 662-4441 or